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Restaurant Review: Polar Bear

1 min ago

The Experience: You haven’t found any snowy furred beasts in Manipal, thanks to the heat. Though, you’ll find something similar to beat the sun – ...

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Rentified: Epiphany to Entrepreneurship

3 days ago

Rich people buy, but richer people say,” Why buy when you can Rent?” Most people hailing from major metros would be familiar with the word ...

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How to use Spotify in India

5 days ago

With exams right around the corner, it’s nice to have some music to listen to while you slog away at your study table. Some of ...

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Vaisakhi 2016: When Humanity Unites.

5 days ago

Writers: Sudhanshu Khadre and Arjan Singh Photographer: Arjan Singh ‘Burn worldly love, Rub the ashes and make ink of it, Make the heart the pen, ...

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Restaurant Review: De Mouths

6 days ago

The experience: A haven for those with a sweet tooth, De Mouths is a tiny ice cream parlor located in an easy-to-miss spot near AB5. The ...

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Verve 2016 Day 4

6 days ago

TURNCOAT What do you really believe in? Turncoat, held in Interact GB, left the participants in this dilemma as they had to present opposing sides ...

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Verve 2016: Day 3

7 days ago

It was the third day of one of the most awaited fests of KMC, Verve 2016. With emotions running high and overwhelming enthusiasm, the events were as ...

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VERVE 2016: DAY 2

1 week ago

DEBATE The Verve’16 Debate saw participants from various semesters, arguing the motion “Ethical objections to stem cell research should not result in it being disavowed.” ...

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VERVE 2016 : DAY 1

1 week ago

The battlefield was all set and the warriors equally bubbling with enthusiasm (showing total indifference to the sultry weather). Thus began, ‘Verve 2016’ with the ...

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