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Teach Some Learn Some

6 hours ago

Teaching, whether a noble profession or not, is definitely a satisfying one. The impact a teacher can have on an individual is immense. I, fortunately, learnt ...

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A Guide to Branches

6 hours ago

Manipal Institute of Technology boasts of holistic development. The B-Tech Programs are intricately planned, with state of the art facilities in laboratories, workshops etc. Despite ...

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Freshers Guide to Hostels (Girls)

19 hours ago

Hostels. That is a veritable question that comes into everyone’s heads. Even before you’ve embarked on your academic journey to become an engineer, you wish ...

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Skipping A Beat- Literally!!!

2 days ago

Ever wondered how your heart skips a beat each time you encounter a scary or an exciting situation? Even though ‘skipping a beat’ is used ...

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1 week ago

It was a scorching April Sunday. My friends and I were roaming along the seaside at Malpe beach and we could make out many trawlers and fishing ...

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Rise and Run!

1 week ago

The clock strikes 6 AM. The alarm bell rings out a loud deafening tone; the walls echoing back the notes of the alarm. As I ...

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Restaurant Review: Malgudi Cafe

2 weeks ago

The Experience: South Indian cuisine is pretty polarizing, you either abhor it or love it to the ends of the earth. If you are the ...

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Listicles: The Latest Trend In Articles

2 weeks ago

Listicles is the oxymoronic proper internet slang for list-based articles which are so fly these days that the web is all but drowning in them. ...

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Restaurant Review: Polar Bear

3 weeks ago

The Experience: You haven’t found any snowy furred beasts in Manipal, thanks to the heat. Though, you’ll find something similar to beat the sun – ...

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